Tuesday, May 14, 2013


This past weekend I had the opportunity to participate in a Color Vibe 5k run in Memphis, which was also my very first 5k. I had a blast and am currently searching for more color runs in Memphis to take part in. It is such a fun and unique way to get outside and be healthy! 
I brought along my boyfriend, Derrick, and his mom (pictured a couple photos below). None of us are runners and didn't have enough time before the race to actually train to run, so we power walked through the race. We were pleasantly surprised to see that majority of people there were also walking.

For those of you who don't know much about color runs, they are typically non-competitive, non-timed 5k's that focus around the idea of fun! There are color stations throughout the course of the race where volunteers throw brightly colored powder all over the walkers and runners. The pigment goes up in the air in big puffs of clouds (as you can see in the first photo) and completely covers the ground after everyone runs through (as you can see below). 
Forgive me for these not so wonderful photos. I took my iPhone to document the fun times, but I found it really hard to take decent pictures when everything was covered in powder, including my phone's camera lens. The other option was to take photos through a plastic bag, but those turned out just as bad if not worse. 
Here you can see some of the aftermath of the race. We were covered everywhere with color. Shirts, faces, hair, pants... everything! But it seemed like the more messy people got, the more fun we all had! After the race, there was a fantastic dj set up in the parking lot that we enjoyed for a while before we headed back home.
I learned a couple important things about participating in this type of 5k: 
-Don't open your mouth for joy when running through the color throwers. The powder is non-toxic, but tastes yucky and colors your teeth. 
-They hand out the sunglasses for a good reason. If you don't wear them the powder will get in your eyes!
If you ever get the opportunity to do a race like this, DO IT! It is so much fun! You can walk or run at your own pace and have a great time doing it! Plus, the races benefit different charities. Our color run benefited St. Jude Children's Research Hospital! 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


In the middle of a packing session for a quick trip to Knoxville, I had the idea to do a post about my current (spring) wardrobe staples. I'm not sure if I am even worthy of sharing fashion advice, but I might as well give it a go!
here. here. here
I have plenty of tops in my closet, but I find that I stick to the basics when I am getting dressed. I adore flowy button-downs with high/low hem lines. They transition into spring (and summer) beautifully and they are wonderful for layering. I've worn mine with jeans, tucked into a skirt, and tied in a knot at the waist with a solid tee underneath. Of course, you can never go wrong with a simple black and white striped tee. It looks great with everything and it is fun to layer in with other patterns! Basic, solid tees are also a big staple in my closet for obvious reasons.
here. here. here
Lately, I have been breaking out of my comfort zone in the jean category. I used to always stick to dark washed bootcut or skinny blue jeans. Now, I have been mixing in colored and patterned jeans with my wardrobe. Just imagine pairing these with any of the shirts above. Instant cute outfit!
here. here
I have never been much of a skirt girl, but I love maxis! I used to rock a lot of long skirts back in high school during my "hippie" phase. Now, long bohemian skirts are majorly in style and I am loving it. They are so easy to mix and match with all kinds of basics! 
here. here
I am crazy about chambray. Any outfit featuring a chambray top looks so effortlessly stylish. They are also the perfect top for spring. I love layering mine over a patterned tee or tucked into a maxi skirt. Plus, there are so many fun shades and patterns of chambray. The polka dot chambray is my favorite. 
Nothing says spring like a colorful blazer! Again, it is such a great piece to mix and match. My blazer is a boyfriend cut, which means it's a little bit longer than typical blazers. It's easy to dress up or dress down for any occasion. 
here. here
Jean jackets and vests are back in style, which makes me a very happy girl. Jean jackets are literally the best lightweight jacket to throw on over a sundress or maxi. The vest is just as versatile, but gives the outfit a slightly edgy appeal. Picture one of these over the striped top with a bold maxi or colored jean!
here. here. here
When I was a teenager, I thought I didn't like jewelry because I didn't know how to style it. Now, picking out my jewelry is one of my favorite parts about getting ready in the mornings. I wear a statement necklace or bold earrings just about everyday! My favorite styling pieces are statement necklaces, long pendant necklaces, and colored stone earrings. Every outfit looks 100 times better with the addition of one of these three things.
here. here
I am definitely a scarf girl! I basically live in scarves during fall and winter. Luckily for me, colorful lightweight spring scarves exist and I can carry my love on into the warmer months. To me, scarves are outfit makers and, again, they can be mixed and matched with virtually everything. Picture one of these beauties with some of the pieces above.
here. here. here
What girl doesn't love shoes? You really can't go wrong with a few basic styles during spring and summer. A killer brown wedge is always a great choice! An easy, everyday sandal can transition perfectly from casual to dressy. A colorful and unique flat is also the perfect addition for any outfit. 
here. here
While sunglasses are in no way a necessary closet staple, they are fun to have. I like having a basic, stylish pair and a sassy, fun pair. I can not only change my sunnies to match my outfit, but also my attitude! 

So, there you have it, folks. These are some of my favorite spring closet staples. Now I need to get back to packing!

Friday, May 3, 2013


I had a hard time narrowing down my wishlist items to just ten this month! Mostly because I am pumped up about multiple upcoming experiences like working on my patio and a super fun trip with friends next month.

1. I would love to have a couple of these metal flower plant holders from Perch adorning my patio. I'm thinking about hanging them up from my tree outside. 2. This coconut milk mango scented candle from Anthropologie is absolutely the most divine smelling thing ever. The rich, fruity scent lends perfectly to summertime! 3. I have been very involved in creative cooking and drink ideas lately and I am just dying to try matcha green tea powder. I am thinking about whipping up some green tea sorbet with this stuff from World Market! 4. As many of you know, I love love love statement necklaces and this one from Anthropologie has got to come with me on my trip next month! 5. This picturesque book from Amazon is full of wonderful outdoor entertaining recipes and decorating ideas. 6. As I mentioned earlier, I have been mixing up some fresh, delicious sorbets and yogurts. This porcelain ice cream pint from Anthropologie would be the perfect thing to freeze and serve my creations in. 7. This large jar from Perch would look great on my kitchen counter to store coffee or snacks. 8. These Salt Water Sandals from Modcloth are so cute and perfect for actual outdoor, beach use! 9. This outdoor bug pillow from World Market would be the perfect pop of color for my patio! 10. This beautiful floppy hat from Anthropologie is just what I need for my upcoming summer trip.

Wishlist sources:

*I am doing some renovations on the blog so be patient with me while I work to finish it and get the links and tabs back up and running! 

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


April has been a wonderful month for me, so I am pretty proud of my instafaves this month! There really isn't anything that will stand out as being super exciting, but they are all fun memories to me. Starting from the top left...

1. I love statement necklaces so much and this one might just be my current favorite. 

2. I revealed a little bit of my living room earlier this month. I'm still a little nervous about revealing the whole thing on the blog, but I just need to get over that! 

3. I completely nailed making a homemade iced caramel macchiato and enjoyed it on the patio. 

4. Derrick and I went out on a limb and made chocolate chip avocado cookies. To our surprise they were absolutely delicious! I am planning on sharing this healthy recipe next week. 

5. Finally is the cutest sleeping cat of all sleeping cats. He tends to hog the entire sofa, but it's okay with me because I like to spoil him. 

6. One of my beautiful cousins stopped by for a little visit and as usual it completely made my day... well... more like my month. I love her! 

7. My mug says it all. 

8. Again, the cutest sleeping cat ever! He likes to put his face directly into one of the button holes on this ottoman during his morning naps. Can he get any cuter? 

9. Derrick and I love the Memphis Grizzlies. We got to enjoy one of the playoff games this past weekend against the LA Clippers. The Grizzlies won, of course, and I was pretty excited about it!

Thursday, April 18, 2013


The weather here in Memphis has been pretty wonderful lately. It can get way too hot and humid during the summer, so I am enjoying every second of this breezy spring weather before it's gone. Warmer weather always makes me crave a cold, refreshing drink like lemonade. Lately, I have been mixing up a ton of delicious (non-alcoholic) and healthy drinks. I have been bragging and, of course, joking with my boyfriend about me becoming quite a pro mixologist! Enough chit chat. I mixed up an amazingly sweet, spicy, and refreshing ginger mint lemonade that might just be my favorite lemonade ever! 
Ginger Mint Lemonade makes 2-4 servings.

1/4 cup chopped ginger root
1/4 cup mint leaves
1 cup sweetener
3 cups water
1 cup fresh lemon juice (3-5 lemons)
One thing that is very true about lemonade is that just about every single person prefers it a different way from others. Some like it either sweet or sour, others like it either subtle or strong. I prefer my lemonade sweet, sour, and strong. My measurements are based on how I like it, so don't feel like you have to follow them perfectly. If you like more ginger, add more ginger. If you like it more watery than lemony, add more water. You can really make this recipe your own, so go for it!

In a small pot, combine the sweetener (I used Splenda), chopped ginger, and mint leaves along with 1 cup water. Stir the mixture to dissolve the sweetener and bring to a boil over medium heat. As soon as the liquid begins to bubble, remove it from the heat and cover. Allow the liquid to steep for about 30 minutes so that the ginger and mint flavors really absorb into the water. Strain the mixture to remove all of the ginger and mint pieces and discard them. Put the ginger mint syrup into a container or pitcher.
Extract the juice from the lemons and fill up 1 cup with the liquid. Pour the freshly squeezed juice into the pitcher with the ginger mint mixture. Lastly, pour in the remaining 2 cups of water and stir. At this point, do a taste test and feel free to add more sweetener, lemon juice, or water to your preference. Put the lemonade in the fridge and chill until the desired temperature.
Serve this unique lemonade with ice and mint leaves in the glass. Garnish the glass with lemon slices, mint, or crystalized ginger pieces like I did. You can see the ginger candies in the little bowl above. I found them in the organic section at my grocery store. 

Pssst! Those adorable little bowls are from Perch and they come in a set of 6 different colors. They are perfect for entertaining and serving dips, candies, and appetizers! You can find them here
I so wish that I'd had this recipe when I was 8 and running a lemonade stand. I'm very certain that I would have been the most popular lemonade vendor in the whole neighborhood!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


In last month's wishlist post, I mentioned that spring fever might be setting in. This month I think it has completely settled in! Cheerful colors, pretty prints, unique planters, and fresh foods inspired my April wishlist. 

1. These cast iron branch wall hooks from Perch are begging to find a place on my walls. 2. Nowadays nothing is cuter than a pair of printed jeans. This ankle length polka dot pair from Target is no exception. 3. This gorgeous terra-cotta accessory from Perch features three permanently hooked together vases. I am dying to bring one of these home for my living room. 4. I couldn't help but fall in love this colorful bird pillow from Perch. The velvety bird is quite stunning. 5. I've got my eyes on this crazy cool geometric planter from Etsy for some pretty succulents. 6. I'm hoping to fill my kitchen with some fresh cookbooks like these two from Amazon. Both books feature yummy vegetable recipes that are perfect for spring dinners on my patio. 7. This cast iron mermaid bottle opener from Perch would make the perfect useful accessory for my home. 8. I am head over heels in love with these spring mint oxfords from Urban Outfitters. They would completely make any outfit. 9. These two printed tees from Anthropologie are perfect for spring and summer fashion. The red one features a happy bird print, while the navy one has a fun umbrella and rain drop print that seems to be inspired by April showers. 

Wishlist sources:

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I'm all about bringing natural elements inside. Especially when it comes to raw wood, twigs, and branches! Now that Spring is blooming all around us, it's the perfect time to run outside and gather some pretty branches. Check out all these gorgeous things you can do with them in your home! For example, use a large branch to hang clear glass vases from like in the photo above.
Wrap string lights around a tall branch for a romantic, festive feel. Just lean it against any wall or cabinet in your home like in the picture above. Easy peasy! 
Branch out and make a creative jewelry holder like this blogger did. Wrap a branch in wire, use nails to hang your necklaces, and hang the whole thing on the wall! 
This might be one of my favorite branch decor ideas. I am big into antlers, and this is a pretty easy/ creative way to DIY some! 
Create a fun photo wall like this using a long branch, twine, and photographs! 
Add a pop of color to your twig motif by wrapping them in some colorful yarn or string like in the photo above. 
You can even use a beautiful branch as a handy storage device in your kitchen or bathroom like theses pictures above and below
Or get even more original with your branch by creating a makeshift floor lamp! Just hang a clear lightbulb from the top of your branch and lean it against the wall!

All of this inspiration is making me want to go run outside and scavenge for branches! I'm thinking about using one with lights to lean against my fireplace. Do you have any neat branchy ideas going on in your head?