Monday, October 17, 2011

DIY Yarn And Felt Halloween Wreath

I'm back with another spooky Halloween DIY project! I absolutely LOVE making holiday inspired crafts because it's a great way to be creative and celebrate! I have been keeping myself busy, especially over fall break, working on all kinds of Halloween crafts. 

I got the idea to make this yarn wreath from Pinterest. I'm really starting to wonder where I would be without the inspiration of Pinterest! Anyways, I decided to make my very own Halloween yarn and felt wreath and, of course, take pictures throughout the process to share with you! 

The supplies are pretty simple. Gray yarn, yellow felt, black felt, tape, scissors, straight pins, and a round styrofoam wreath form. I chose a 14" wreath, but you can go as big or small as you want! I used straight pins for one of the steps, but you might prefer to use glue. Make sure you have some on hand in case you choose to use it instead.

First, take a piece of your tape and attach the end of the yarn to the wreath form. 

Holding the yarn ball in your hand, wrap the yarn around, and around, and around. Make sure the yarn is wrapped tightly so it doesn't move around revealing some of the white of the styrofoam.

Finally, I finished wrapping the wreath! That step took about thirty minutes. Make sure that after the entire wreath is covered, you snip the yarn from the ball and weave the loose end into your wreath. That will secure it and prevent the yarn from unraveling.

Now, take your yellow felt out to start cutting the moon shape. Find a round object to trace around. I chose a metal bucket that was the exact size that I wanted the moon to be. I traced around the bucket and onto the yellow felt.

And then I cut out the moon shape. 

I held the moon shape to the exact place that I wanted to attach it. This piece will be on the backside of the completed wreath (as you can see in the 1st picture of the post).

Take the straight pins and pin the moon into place. This is the step where you might prefer to use glue. I chose the straight pins because I figured I could easily remove these felt shapes and add different ones throughout the year. For instance, I can detach the bat and moon and attach felt flowers for a non-holiday wreath!

After the moon is attached, your wreath should look like this when flipped over. 

Now it's time for the bat! Take out your computer and search for a bat silhouette. I found this one and decided to use it for my felt bat.

Lightly tape a piece of printer paper to your computer screen. Make sure you can still see the bat image through the paper. (If you happen to have some, tracing paper would work great for these next few steps, but printer paper will also work fine!)

Now lightly trace the outline of the bat onto the paper. Make sure to do it LIGHTLY! You might damage your computer screen if you trace it with a heavy hand.

Take the paper off the screen and you should have a bat silhouette! 

Place the paper on top of your black felt and using straight pins attach the two together (as seen above).

Carefully cut along the edges of your drawn bat. Make sure that you are cutting through both layers (felt and paper). Even though they are attached, it might be easy to accidentally cut through the paper and not the felt.

And there you go! A perfect little felt bat! 

Pull out your yellow felt again and draw two little circles. These will be the bat's eyes. Cut them out and attach to the bat with glue.

Now that your bat has eyes, he is ready to be attached to the wreath! Place the bat on the front side of the wreath (not the same side you attached the moon to). Before pinning or gluing him on, make sure you like the placement.

Now taking the straight pins or glue, attach the bat to the wreath. Since I used pins, I attached him at every point of his bat wings (as you can see in the two images above).

VOILA! A Halloween yarn wreath! 

I got my yarn, felt, and wreath form from Michael's and happened to have all the other supplies around the apartment. I went to Michael's armed with 40% off coupons and ended up only spending $5 for this fun craft! 

I was planning to hang the wreath on the outside of our back door (the only door we ever use). However, I loved it so much I wanted to see it more often, so I hung it on my bedroom door! It makes me happy every time I see it! 

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