Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Oh, Hello 2012!

I have a feeling that 2012 is going to be an exceptional year! I certainly have high hopes for it. Much like 2008, when I graduated high school,  2012 is going to be full of change, emotion, and adventure! My final semester of college, graduation, and my possible move to Parsons for Interior Design grad school will definitely be major life steps. It's going to be a big year!

So, what comes along with a big year? A lot of New Year's resolutions, of course! I have quite a few things that I would love to accomplish this year.

lose weight
That's the big one this year! During freshman year of college I managed to gain the always talked about and dreaded "freshman 15". I have done a smashing job at maintaining that extra 15 pounds all throughout college by eating bad foods, pulling lots of all nighters, and not getting enough exercise. Now, I just want to make this clear that I am not condoning any kind of un-safe weight loss or insinuating that everyone should lose weight and be thin. I personally feel the need to get back in shape and support a healthier lifestyle with better eating habits. Not being fit and healthy has made me feel somewhat uncomfortable. So, that's why I want to lose weight. Plus, I want to look like a stylin' fashionista if I move up to New York City!

be a better photographer
I got a fantastic camera for my birthday last year and ever since then I have been dying to really know how to use it! I have a good sense of composition already, but I need to learn about some of the technical things like lighting and messing with the camera settings. I plan on taking an online photography class this summer, so that I can take great photographs of my adventures!

save money
This year I want to be more frugal and manage my money better. I would love to save money for after I graduate. I am setting a budget for myself with money allotments for things like groceries, rent, and school supplies.

get some oxfords
And figure out how to be able to pull off wearing them. I feel like they are too cool or hip for me. That sounds stupid, I know, but I am dying to have some!

What are your resolutions for 2012? 

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